About This Site

PandemicFluSearch is a tool developed for the public health profession. It is a simple web portal that combines the latest, breaking news having to do with flu with a modern scientifically vetted search engine to identify articles and other pandemic flu-related resources.

PandemicFluSearch has several advantages over Google, Bing and the other general web search engines. This is especially true for public health officials and scientists. These advantages are:

  • Web search engines will produce literally millions of hits for most searches. These are indiscriminate from a scientific point of view with general public popularity influencing the order of display. PandemicFluSearch solves this problem.
  • PandemicFluSearch only includes vetted web sites, data bases and documents. Sources are determined by our Scientific Editorial Board with the advice of our professional user base.
  • General search engines do not search every document of important sites. They drill down only a few levels but they include all sites. PandemicFluSearch includes only vetted sites but drills all the way down and finds all documents.
  • Google and Bing just search and index web documents. PandemicFluSearch additionally searches appropriate data bases and even selected documents that are not on the web.
  • PandemicFluSearch can search documents in any of 14 different languages.
  • Total Boolean searching is available on PandemicFluSearch. See Basic Search Tips.
  • PandemicFluSearch includes not only scientific and policy articles but also has access to state plans and national plans for many counties. All these are accessible through a graphical map interface.

PandemicFluSearch is a service of BEA Enterprises Inc. of Potomac Maryland, one of the leading social and health service professional firms, together with public health and informational scientists. We welcome your further suggestions to help us improve the site. Contact us.