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HHS adds H5N1 clade 2.2 vaccine to stockpile | CIDRAP
Clade 2.2 viruses have sparked outbreaks in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe, with human cases in Azerbaijan, China, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey, the World Health Organization ... ...
Chinese man had H5N1; WHO hones pandemic plans | CIDRAP
... Meanwhile, Interfax news and other outlets reported yesterday that H5N1 is considered a possible culprit in the deaths of two people in Azerbaijan. Six members of the same family were being treated at a hospital there ... ...
Latest News - The Poultry Site
... Please Select Country Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and ... ...
'StellMed Update' Avian Influenza
... As of 21 March 2006, a total of 185 human H5N1 infections with 104 deaths have been notified to WHO from eight countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan; and Egypt. This is, given ... ...
Avian flu likely cause of death in Vietnam | CIDRAP
... Bird migration routes also cross Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, and some Mediterranean countries, where avian flu outbreaks are possible, the agency said. Also at risk are India and Bangladesh, which have ... ...
Global avian flu pledge money slow to arrive | CIDRAP
... The WHO has received about $20 million of $77 million pledged, according to Bloomberg. Speaking of the WHO's recent responses to human H5N1 outbreaks in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Iraq, Djibouti, and Indonesia, WHO senior ... ...
Egypt A242T Raises H5N1 Transmission Concerns
... more than 100 public H5 sequences from clade 2.2 cases (in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Egypt, and Bangladesh) and all but one have abolished the glycosylation site at position 158 (either via N158D, S160A, or both). ... ...
Bird flu - Bird flu Symptoms - Avian Influenza
... Number of Egypt's human bird flu cases rises to 11 Swan in Scotland shows signs of bird flu Bird flu goes for the throat Azerbaijan tests 43 for bird flu in British lab Germany confirms 1st case of H5N1 in domestic fowl ... ...
Avian flu resurfaces in Russian poultry | CIDRAP
... Investigators reported that she had been exposed to dead poultry, the WHO said. Her illness was Indonesia's 81st case and 63rd fatal one. In Azerbaijan, health officials said a 14-year-old boy who was hospitalized with ... ...
China says ill woman is 10th human bird flu case there | CIDRAP
... it, according to an AFP story. US experts in animal and human epidemiology were slated to visit Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia, which border parts of Turkey hit with H5N1 outbreaks, according to the AFP story. ... ...
Fujian H5N8 In Hungary Raises Migration Concerns
... In the winter human cases were reported in Turkey, Iraq, and Azerbaijan followed by cases in Egypt, Djibouti, and Nigeria in the spring. The number of countries reporting H5N1 bird flu in the spring of 2006 was much ... ...
Indonesia reports H5N1 decline in poultry flocks | CIDRAP
... In March 2006 Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan reported H5N1 outbreaks. USAID's STOP AI program provides export assistance and resources for planning, surveillance, control, and disease prevention, the statement said. It also ... ...
Two more H5N1 cases from Pakistan cluster verified | CIDRAP
... in more than 60 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and have caused human cases in Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, Djibouti, Iraq, Nigeria, and Turkey, as well as Pakistan, according to a recent WHO report. ... ...
Study finds 2 mutations that help H5N1 infect humans | CIDRAP
... Further, the scientists report that these same two changes (at 182 and 192) were present in H5N1 viruses isolated from two people in Azerbaijan and one person in Iraq, but not in any of more than 600 avian isolates that ... ...
Tests confirm H5N1 in Turkey, H5 in Romania | CIDRAP
... Meanwhile, Iran yesterday issued an emergency report to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) alerting the organization to the fact that some 3,673 wild ducks have died at Poldasht in West Azerbaijan province. ... ...
46 through 60 of 82 matching documents, best matches first. sort by date
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