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Influenza Book | Vaccines
... of which is produced in nine countries - Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, ... 50 years of age is recommended in the USA, while all those above 6 months are offered vaccination in Canada. ... ...
Fujian H5N2 Pseudo Surveillance In Minnesota
To date only one H5 has been confirmed via routine surveillance (H5N2 in a Canada goose with neurological symptoms collected on March 16). All other confirmations (see H5N2 map) were limited to samples collected in the ... ...
Fujian H5N8 Accelerated Spread In Germany
... In addition to H5N8, the US and Canada have reported H5N2. The first US sequence was from a northern pintail, ... More H5N2 and H5N8 infections in Canada and the US are expected in the near term. Media Link Recombinomics ... ...
WHO H1N1 Pandemic Alert - 2009 and 2011
identical swine derived H1N1 as determined by the United States CDC. Similar sequences were identified in Canada from samples from patients in Mexico, which was followed by confirmation of multiple cases in multiple ... ...
Saudi Arabia SARS-CoV Closely Related To Bat Coronaviruses
He came to Hong Kong for a wedding and stayed in room 911 at the Metropole Hotel where he infected multiple visitors / tourists on the 9th floor, who spread the virus to Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam (Hanoi), and Canada ... ...
... vaccins à des milliers de personnes dans des pays comme les Etats-Unis, le Royaume-Uni, l'Australie, le Canada, la France, l'Allemagne et la Suisse. 1 Depuis Décembre 2009, l'OMS a pré-qualifié les vaccins H1N1 ... ...
... people have been vaccinated with these vaccines in countries such as the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Switzerland. * Careful monitoring has shown that most people who get the vaccine do ... ...
Fujian H5N6 Cases In China Raise H5N8 and H5N2 Concerns
This transmission has led to the first reports of Fujian clade in North America, including H5N2 (see map) in Canada (British Columbia) as well as H5N8 (see map) and H5N2 in the United States (Washington and ... ...
Fujian H5N2 Cluster In Langley / Aldergrove Confirmed
However, high path H5 was not detected at any of the above die offs. Similarly, Canada has not identified Fujian H5 in any wild birds, and H5N8 has not been identified in poultry, while the US has not identified H5N2 in ... ...
Fujian H5 In Woodstock Ontario Raises Surveillance Concerns
The current migration season is spreading Fujian H5 throughout the United States and Canada (which has yet to identify a single Fujian H5 wild bird case). A significant increase in infected farms in North America is ... ...
Fujian H5N8 Migrates to Butte County California
Relatedness for the H5 in Benton Washington and Butte County, California, as well as sequence data on earlier isolates in the US and Canada, would be useful. Media Link Recombinomics Presentations Recombinomics ... ...
Media Myth On Wild Bird Link To H5N2 In Fraser Valley
Canada has reported three prior outbreaks, all of which were linked to low path H5N2 of North American lineage. As noted above (in blue), the two outbreaks in Fraser Valley (in 2005 and 2009) were relatively small and ... ...
2010 trH3N2 Recombinant Sequence In Cameroon
reported from the United States, which highlights the need for more active surveillance and release of sequence data from Canada, Mongolia, and Russia which have reported unusual findings associated with H3N2 infections. ... ...
Recombinomics Presentations
... Options for the Control of Influenza VI June 17-23, 2007 Toronto, Ontario, Canada H5N1 Clade 2.2 Polymorphism ... swine isolates in Canada contained a constellation of five or seven swine genes and one or three human genes. ... ...
Fatal H5N1 Encephalitis Cluster Raises Concern
any H5N1 cases during this surveillance raises concerns that H5N1 is presenting with symptoms similar to the three H5N1 cases described above, and such cases are common, based on the export of H5N1 from China to Canada. ... ...
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