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... Germany Ghana Global Greece Grenada Guam Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea, North Korea, South Kosovo ... ...
... * Ghana * Greece * Hong Kong * Hungary * India * Indonesia * Iraq * Iran * Israel * Italy * Japan * Jordan * ... More recently, in June 2006, WHO reported evidence of human-to-human spread in Indonesia. In this situation, 8 ... ...
Detail On Fouchier H5N1 Transmission Paper
Thus, the Fouchier result demonstrated that the requirement for a clade 2.2 genetic background, as well as a seasonal N2 could be eliminated by two changes on H5 when clade 2.1 from Indonesia was used, indicating the ... ...
Diverse Ferret H5N1 Transmission Pathways
Fouchier used one H5N1 from Indonesia (clade 2.1) and only added three well known changes. Moreover, it is likely that the two additional changes were also well known, and may be among the other changes studied by the ... ...
Recombinomics In The News
... Indonesia May Sell, Not Give, Bird Flu Virus to Scientists NY Times The Ledger BILL ROBERTS: Still think bird ... Another Death in Indonesia Deepens Bird Flu's Spread NY Times International Herald Tribune Independent ... ...
Fujian H5 Media Myth On Human Risk
H5N1 was identified and it quickly spread throughout eastern Asia. In 2005 there were four major clades / sub-clades (clade 1 in southeast Asia, clade 2.1 in Indonesia, clade 2.2 in wild birds at Qinghai Lake, clade 2.3 ... ...
China Censors News On H5N1 Guizhou Case
It is unclear if the censorship of news on the most recent case will impact release of sequences from the Guizhou case. Similarly, Indonesia quickly released sequences from the Bali cluster, which also had receptor ... ...
H1N1pdm09 Recombination In Egypt H5N1 Raises Concerns
The Kawaoka Nature paper highlights the need for full sequences from cases in Egypt. This need applies to other recent cases, such as the clusters in Indonesia. Only HA and NA sequences were released from the Bali ... ...
Media Myth On CDC H5N1 Transmission
... Fouchier used a clade 2.1 H5 from Indonesia (A/Indonesia/5/2005), which used the same two changes used in the Virology study (Q226L and G228S). PB2 E627K was also added, which was also done in the Virology study because ... ...
Nature Rejects NSABB H5N1 Censorship Request
The fact that H5 from three different sub-clades (clade 2.2 from Egypt, clade 2.1 from Indonesia, and clade from Vietnam) indicates that the detail in the recipe are irrelevant to would-be terrorist. Thus, the ... ...
CDC Generates MERS Sequences from Suspect Serum
clinical samples due to transient presence of MERS-CoV , especially in upper respiratory samples, including samples from recent pilgrims who died in Indonesia and Egypt after performing Umrah, but were not PCR confirmed. ... ...
Qatar Novel Beta Coronavirus Case In Mecca for Umrah Week
Large numbers of pilgrims from Indonesia, India, and Pakistan visited Saudi Arabia for the Hajj, and the return of those pilgrims to their counties or origin has increased concerns. Media Link Recombinomics Presentations ... ...
Iran MERS Cluster Raises KSA Pilgrim Export Concerns
... pilgrims to KSA are exposed to both sub-clades through travel in Mecca and Medina, leading to exports to Malaysia and The Netherlands, as well as confirmed cases within KSA, who were pilgrims from Turkey and Indonesia. ... ...
The 2011 H1N1 Pandemic Fiasco
The most effective way of limiting the spread of confirmed H5N1 cases was to simply not test. Consequently, the H5N1 index cases for Cambodia, Indonesia, and China were not counted because samples were not collected, and ... ...
BBC NEWS | Special Reports | 2005 | Bird Flu
BACKGROUND AND FEATURES bird flu Why bird flu has been kept at bay Scientists say why the impact of bird flu on humans has been limited so far. Bird flu: Is it still a threat? Bird flu fears focus on Indonesia China ... ...
136 through 150 of 193 matching documents, best matches first. sort by date
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