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Avian flu control plan to focus on small farms | CIDRAP
At the end of a conference in Malaysia, officials said their multi-pronged plan still has a chance to prevent a human flu pandemic by reducing opportunities for the H5N1 virus to spread from poultry to humans. Officials ... ...
OIE launches Japan-funded project to fight avian flu | CIDRAP
The project, funded by a $7.7 million grant from the Japanese government, will be implemented in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The OIE said the effort has shifted ... ...
Avian flu puts animal health on WHO radar | CIDRAP
emerging pathogens, such as the Nipah virus in Malaysia in 1999. We can be virtually certain that more ... In other developments, three new poultry outbreaks of avian flu were detected in northeastern Malaysia, one of ... ...
Asian leaders vow to share H5N1 samples as outbreaks continue...
... Meanwhile, veterinary officials in Malaysia confirmed an H5N1 avian flu outbreak 3 days ago near Kuala Lumpur, ... Malaysia has never had a confirmed human H5N1 case. In Vietnam, the number of provinces reporting recent H5N1 ... ...
...// html Bird flu and food [the star online (Malaysia), March 2] ... March 2008.pdf
'StellMed Update' Avian Influenza
... season (southern hemisphere winter) for instance should contain the following components: · an A/New Caledonia/20/99(H1N1)-like virus; · an A/California/7/2004(H3N2)-like virus; · a B/Malaysia/2506/2004-like virus. ... ...
Bird flu - Bird flu Symptoms - Avian Influenza
Hong Kong reports three more birds infected with H5 avian influenza strain Avian influenza reaches Slovakia Avian influenza strikes two more Nigeria states Avian influenza in Malaysia, poultry related stocks down. ... ...
Influenza Book | Pandemic Preparedness
Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, China, and Malaysia. The outbreaks in Japan, Malaysia, and the Republic of Korea were successfully controlled, but the virus seems to have become endemic in several of the affected countries. ... ...
... * Iraq * Iran * Israel * Italy * Japan * Jordan * Kazakhstan * Korea (Republic of) * Kuwait * Laos * Malaysia * Mon- golia * Myanmar * Niger * Nigeria * Pakistan * Palestine * Poland * Romania * Russia * Saudi ... ...
Flu Burung
... A/ayam/Italia/330/97 (H5N2) 1992- 2000 Italia * 413 peternakan, sekitar 14 juta unggas A/kalkun/Italia/99 (H7N1) 2002- 2005 Asia Tenggara * China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, jepang, Kampuchea, Laos, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, ... ...
Vietnam blames another death on avian flu | CIDRAP
... in Malaysia, and two people there were under hospital observation with a flu-like illness, the AP reported today. Workers were killing 1,200 chickens and ducks to fight the outbreak in northern Malaysia, near the ... ...
Jeddah MERS Export To Greece Raises Concerns
However, testing in Greece identified MERS. In the same time frame Jeddah exported MERS to Jordan and Malaysia, signaling widespread MERS in Jeddah. The KSA-MoH has reported 46 confirmed cases in Jeddah in 9 daily ... ...
Influenza Book | Avian Influenza
... birds A/turkey/Italy/99 (H7N1) 2002-2005 SE Asia* China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kambodscha, Laos, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, approx. 150 million birds A/chicken/East Asia/2003-2005 (H5N1) 2002 Chile A/... ...
WHO concludes H5N1 likely spread within family | CIDRAP
... In other avian flu news, Malaysia today declared itself free of the disease after 3 months with no outbreaks, but said it would remain vigilant, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) report. "Malaysia is now free of ... ...
Vietnamese boy, 9, dies of avian flu | CIDRAP
... Poultry movement is also being closely watched in Malaysia. Officials there today declared the country free of ... Malaysia will maintain its ban on importing chickens, ducks, and eggs from affected countries, officials were ... ...
31 through 45 of 109 matching documents, best matches first. sort by date
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