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RII Director
... Kiselev has a vast experience in international scientific relations. He worked as a research professor at the University of Nevada, Reno (USA). As a supervisor of the RII WHO National Influenza Centre, Prof. Kiselev ... ...
Poor Fujian H5 Surveillance Creates Wild US Media Myths
California, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington State officials, the ... most recent collection (a mallard on January 23 in Nevada) and the absence of any wild bird confirmations ... ...
Bird Flu Den |
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon ... ...
MedlinePlus Milestones: 1998-present
... Reorganized subcategories and a redesigned table of contents improve page navigation. 2006 Go Local Delaware, Nebraska, Vermont, Nevada, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas Gulf Coast, New Mexico, Ohio, East Texas, Wyoming, ... ...
US Fujian H5N8 and H5N2 Wild Bird Species Frequencies
map) in the Pacific Flyway (in California, Nevada, and Utah in addition to the three northwestern states). ... Detection in Mallards has been limited to two (Gooding County, Idaho and Lincoln County, Nevada). In contrast, ... ...
Curious CDC Comments On Maryland Death Cluster
Moreover, 10 additional isolates (A/Georgia/01/2012, Idaho/02/2012, A/Iowa/01/2012, A/Nebraska/01/2012, A/Nevada/01/2012, A/South Carolina/01/2012, A/Utah/04/2012, A/Vermont/01/2012, A/Virginia/01/2012, A/Washington01/... ...
Fujian H5N1 In Backyard Farm In Chilliwack British Columbia
map) and H5N8 (see map) detections in wild birds in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Utah with a concentration in Washington and Oregon, suggest more infections in Canada in the near term are likely. ... ...
Fujian H5N2 Spread To Minnesota Commercial Turkeys
H5N8 was found in the same three states, as well as California, Utah, and Nevada (see H5N8 map). This difference in geographic as well as species distribution was likely due to limited testing on populations that had ... ...
United States H3N2 T128A Frequency Increases To 40%
Recent sequences with T128A A/Washington/53/2012 83M November 27 A/Florida/46/2012 66F November 23 A/Alabama/24/2012 91M November 19 A/Nevada/27/2012 16M November 18 A/Montana/13/2012 26F November 17 A/Minnesota/17/2012 ... ...
Spike In H3N2 Low Reactors In The United States
... designated as low reactors, while sequences which were identical to A/New Jersey/02/2011 (A/Alaska/01/2011, A/Delaware/10/2010, A/Nevada/04/2010, A/Pennsylvania/36/2010, A/Vermont/02/2011, A/Washington/04/2011) were not. ... ...
Silent Spread of H1N1 RBD Change L194I
... Similar results were seen in cases in Connecticut (Connecticut/02/2013) and Nevada (A/Nevada/06/2013) cases identified in July. CT and NV mammalian isolates were wild type, while CT and NV egg isolates had L194I. Most ... ...
Fujian H5N2 In Wyoming Canada Goose Raises Concerns
... After the January 23 sample (from a mallard in Lincoln County, Nevada) was confirmed on January 30, the USDA announced additional confirmations in samples collected in December and January. The positives were entered in ... ...
H1N1v H1N2v H3N2v Cases Dominate US Influenza Sequences
... A/Iowa/07/2011 H3N2pdm11 11/14 3F A/Wisconsin/27/2011 H3N2 11/05 38F A/Minnesota/19/2011 trH1N2 11/04 1F A/Nevada/11/2011 H3N2 11/04 F A/Florida/27/2011 H1N1pdm09 10/30 10F A/Maine/07/2011 H3N2pdm11 10/24 8M A/Colorado/... ...
Widespread H1N1pdm09 Tamiflu Resistance in the United States
... A/Michigan/01/2012 EPI358143 A/Missouri/04/2012 EPI357935 A/Nebraska/06/2012 EPI357944 A/Nevada/06/2012 EPI368679 A/Nevada/11/2012 EPI362981 A/New York/03/2012 EPI356270 A/North Carolina/04/2012 EPI358134 A/North ... ...
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