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Coronary Artery Disease | CAD | MedlinePlus
It is the leading cause of death in the United States in both men and women. CAD happens when the arteries that ... of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America) Also in Spanish Heart Health Tests: MedlinePlus ... ...
Depression: MedlinePlus
If you are one of the more than 19 million teens and adults in the United States who have depression, the ... Depression and African Americans (Mental Health America) Depression and Anxiety in Migraine Patients ... ...
Rural Health Concerns: MedlinePlus
People in rural areas of the United States have higher rates of chronic disease than people in urban areas. They ... Also in Spanish Violence and Abuse in Rural America (Rural Health Information Hub) Statistics and ... ...
Disabilities: MedlinePlus
About one in every five people in the United States has a disability. Some people are born with one. Others have ... Bathing and Safety Tips (Amputee Coalition of America) Individuals with Access and Functional Needs ... ...
Air Force Cites H1N1 Chihuahua Vaccine Breakthrough
States and Mexico suggests that severe and fatal cases in the United States also have D225N. Release of the sequences in Mexico with D225N, as well as additional examples in North and South America, would be useful. ... ...
Fujian H5N8 Migrates To Davis County Utah
term, which will undermine USDA efforts to convince other countries from banning imports from the United States. ... The reports of H5N8 in countries in Europe and North America, as well as Asian locations such as Taiwan, ... ...
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... Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization 525 Twenty-third Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037, United States of America Tel.: +1 (202) 974-3000 Fax: +1 (202) 974-3663 © Pan American Health ... ...
WHO H1N1 Pandemic Alert - 2009 and 2011
swine derived H1N1 as determined by the United States CDC. Similar sequences were identified in Canada ... in are large region, such as North and South America representing phase 5, and sustained transmission ... ...
... resistance among influenza A viruses isolated early during the 2005-2006 influenza season in the United States. ... Chenghong L, Hinshaw VS, Webster RG. Influenza A viruses of migrating wild aquatic birds in North America. ... ...
Lung Disease | Breathing Problems | Respiratory Failure | MedlinePlus
If all types of lung disease are lumped together, it is the number three killer in the United States. The term ... of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America) Also in Spanish Pulmonary Function Tests ... ...
Premature Babies: MedlinePlus
Summary Almost 1 of every 10 infants born in the United States are premature, or preemies. A premature birth is ... of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America) Also in Spanish Medications After the NICU ... ...
Microsoft Word - AIcommunique August 2007.doc
Influenza AI.COMMuniqué is published by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)'s ... Agriculture in the Preparedness Plans in Latin America This working paper is one of the results of The ... ... August 2007.pdf
Cirrhosis | Cirrhosis of the Liver | MedlinePlus
Cirrhosis has many causes. In the United States, the most common causes are chronic alcoholism and hepatitis. ... Abdominal and Pelvic CT Video (American College of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America) Also ... ...
Silent Spread of D225N in Novel H1N1 in Chihuahua Mexico
... reports indicate D225N in the novel sub-clade is widespread in these countries. Release of 2011 sequences from the United States as well as severe and fatal cases in Mexico, Central, and South America, would be useful. ... ...
Dynamic H3N2v Human Adaptation
One polymorphism that is in H1N1pdm09 but not lineages in North America is PB1 E618D, which appeared in the first human H3N2v in the United States, A/Kansas/13/2009. This marker was subsequently found in all 6 H3N2 ... ...
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