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Fujian H5N2 In Wyoming Canada Goose Raises Concerns
A/V Jan9 Jan15 Feb19 Mar19 RSS Feed twitter News Now Commentary Fujian H5N2 In Wyoming Canada Goose Raises ... presence of highly pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza (HPAI) in a wild Canada goose in Laramie County, Wyoming. ... ...
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First US 2013 H3N2 Sequence Has T128A
This same change was present in the vaccine target for the 2004-05 season, A/Wyoming/03/2003, which was ... Recent H3 sequences with T128A (including 2004-05 vaccine target, A/Wyoming/03/2003) EPI417315 A/VICTORIA/918/... ...
MedlinePlus Milestones: 1998-present
... Go Local Delaware, Nebraska, Vermont, Nevada, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas Gulf Coast, New Mexico, Ohio, East Texas, Wyoming, Maryland, and Utah becomes available. MedlinePlus adds 14 interactive body maps. The body ... ...
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Worldwide Low Reactor H3N2 Sub-clade Emerges
Worldwide Low Reactor H3N2 Sub-clade Emerges Recombinomics Commentary 12:15 November 2, 2010 The CDC has released 9 new sets of sequences (at GISAID) from recent H3N2 isolates. One of the nine, A/Wyoming/03/2010 was ... ...
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Dakota","Tennessee","Texas","Utah","Virginia","Vermont","Washington","Wisconsin","West Virginia","Wyoming","Anchorage","Birmingham","Little Rock","Mesa","Phoenix","Scottsdale","Tempe","Tucson","Berkeley","Fresno"... ...
CDC Testing New H3N2 Vaccine Target
and was changed to a Fujian-like target, A/Wyoming/3/2003 (A/reassortant/NYMC X-147) in the following season. ... was seen in the Fujian-like vaccine target, A/Wyoming/3/2003. This change was also in a closely related ... ...
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Carolina,South Dakota,Tennessee,Texas,Utah,Vermont,Virginia,Washington,West Virginia,Wisconsin,Wyoming,New England Region,Mid-Atlantic Region,East North Central Region,West North Central Region,South Atlantic ... ...
England H3N2 Has Abolished HA Glycosylation Site
Like the Iowa isolate, the HPA sequences have T128A, which abolishes the glycosylation site at position 126, which was also present in the Fujian-like H3N2 target, A/Wyoming/3/2003 used in the 2004/2005 season, (A/... ...
Fujian H5N2 In Dead Kansas Canada Goose
The above comments describe the Lyon County (see H5N2 map) Canada goose that was H5N2 confirmed on March 27, 2015. Like the Canada goose in Laramie County, Wyoming, detection required a dead or dying bird. Similarly, ... ...
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Carolina,South Dakota,Tennessee,Texas,Utah,Vermont,Virginia,Washington,West Virginia,Wisconsin,Wyoming,"HHS Region 1 (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT)","HHS Region 2 (NJ, NY)","HHS Region 3 (DE, DC, MD, PA, VA, ... ...
Spike In H3N2 Low Reactors In The United States
Phylogenetic analysis identifies clustering of low reactors such as two isolates from Minnesota (A/Minnesota/17/2010 and A/Minnesota/18/2010) and one from Wyoming (A/Wyoming/09/2010). However, two other isolates from ... ...
Report says pandemic will threaten coal, power supplies | CIDRAP
... With mines from neighboring Montana included, the basin's 17 mines produced 479.5 million tons. Most of this coal is hauled by train to distant power plants, some as far away as Georgia. A pair of Wyoming train ... ...
... virus, cluster A/California/07/09, clade 7, two of them were like to A/Darwin/02/2011, two were like to A/Wyoming/01/2011 and 6 viruses were similar to A/Hiroshima/24/2011. All 3 influenza B viruses belonged to clade B/... ...
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